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The best practices focus on their patient experience from end-to-end, including payment solutions. The successful ones have a deep understanding of patient financing. Wellness Dental has woven DentalFinance.com into their DNA which has helped them increase their case acceptance by 32% from the previous year.

It only takes a few minutes to enroll and start adding our online solution to your practice. To manage multiple practices, you can set up administrative controls and customized reporting from within your dashboard. With DentalFinance.com, we went the extra mile to create a custom site-builder feature allowing you to send application links to your patients in real time as well as embed into your website.


The on-demand economy gives the people what they want NOW: rides, food, accomodation, and more. Your patient finance solution should meet the same high standards as the patient experience: with just a click, DentalFinance.com helps dentists get paid using our unique mobile appliciation process.

Knowing my practice could help our patients increase their approvals while benefiting my bottom line was a no-brainer.

Dr. Gabriel Sangalang


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