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We know the effect a beautiful smile
has on our society. So, our mission is
to help the nation find affordable solutions
for the dental care they need. We do this
by providing real time credit decisions,
from numerous lending sources,
for patients looking to obtain
instant financing.


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Things you’re looking for like location, insurance, and procedure specialties.

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In seconds, you are presented with the best financing offers available based on your specific needs.

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Jonathan, 28, Dallas, TX

DentalFinance changed my entire perception of affording dentistry. Before I felt like I was stuck not knowing how I was going to pay for my dentistry. But now I was able to know exactly how much I was able to afford prior to going into the office. That’s a real peace of mind.

Loren, 32, Costa Mesa, CA

I paid off $5000 of my dental loan, without incurring any interest. Now I’m saving for a couple cosmetic procedures I want to have done. I was shocked at how easy this entire process actually was

Rocio, 34, Tucson, AZ

We thought having to pay for our family’s dental care just meant paying for the entire total at once. But with DentalFinance, we’ve learned it’s about having financial options to our monthly budget

Justin, 27, Las Vegas, NV

It sounds exaggerated, but DentalFinance truly is life-changing. Now that I have a beautiful smile, I am far better equipped to take on the rest of my life. I feel like I'm able to confidently speak to people and demonstrate who I really am

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